Hamme Policies


As Hamme family, we accept quality as an integral part of our job, as dictated by our mission. By effective management of quality, we continuously improve the causes of the problems and enable our machines to keep the customer satisfaction enhanced. This line of thought makes us a reliable and preferable brand in the sector. In order to enable the effective management of quality; • All the raw material, intermediate product and auxiliary material supplies are accepted into the stocks after the quality control checks. • All the machines that are manufactured are tested within the guidelines of international standards. • Besides the quality of our machines, we struggle to be as reachable and fast as possible during the pre- and after sales services. • While setting our quality goals, we act being aware of how important being preferred and being given as reference by our customers is.


Our company, while operating in an environmentally conscious way, aims to protect the environment, providing its employees, customers, suppliers and visitors with a healthier and safer working environment, and continuously improving on necessary areas. In order to reach these goals, we act on below principles. • Hamme tries to find ways to minimize the use of natural resources. • While determining and managing the environmental risks, company aims for being preventive with a proactive approach, prepares and adopts operational plans to keep these risks at minimum. • It supports information sharing in order to increase the environmental consciousness of the society. • It abides by the laws and regulations on environment and occupational health and safety.


For our country’s social welfare to rise and for the economic and social continuity of this, private sector is responsible as well as all the components of the state. Our company fulfills these responsibilities by being productive and profitable, abiding by the laws, operating ethically within the social norms and expectations, taking part in the solution of the social problems.


Our goal is to widen the Hamme family by the addition of responsible, communicative, goal-oriented people who are able to represent their position and set their direction through the tasks given to them. After the determination of suitable candidates for the vacant function and position, the newly admitted staff joins the orientation program, which enables new recruits to be introduced to the company goals and values. This is the way Hamme family grows a little bit more. In our company, all the employees are given trainings in or out of company, depending on the needs set by their career progresses. Successful employers who have the potential to rise beyond their current levels are given more important tasks, this way our cooperation with them is cemented.


Hamme Makine AŞ, araştırma ve geliştirme çalışmalarının yürütüldüğü Ar-ge bölümünde yeni ürünlerin ve teknolojilerin ülkemize kazandırılmasına öncülük etmekte, ülkemizdeki destek kuruluşları ile ortak araştırma projeleri hazırlayarak, yurtiçi ve yurtdışı pazarlarda sektörümüzün en yenilikçi şirketi olma hedefine emin adımlarla ilerlemektedir. Ar-ge’nin temel görevi müşterilerimizin mevcut ve gelecekteki isteklerine, yüksek kalite ve standartlarda makinelerin üretimi için projeler hazırlamaktır.Projelerde kriterimiz ideal kalite-maliyet performansını yakalamaktır. Ar-ge bölümümüz yurtiçi ve yurtdışı üniversiteler, araştırma kuruluşları ve enstitüler ile sürekli işbirliği içerisindedir.Bilgi paylaşımını daha etkili sürdürebilmek amacıyla ulusal ve uluslararası fuar, konferans ve kongrelere katılmaktadır.Avrupa Birliği destekli faaliyetlerimiz ve dahil olduğumuz proje gruplarındaki çalışmalarımız ile iyi makinelerin ülkemizde üretilmesini sağlamaktayız.


Hamme endeavors to create distinction, change and innovation.

Within the scope of the company policies, and with the help of our self-confident, determined and exertive teammates, ideas turn into products and services that transcend the limits of mind. We claim our place with our effort, labor, know-how and courage to follow the newest trends, to keep pace with the life and to ever aim the higher in a world where improvement and development is continuous.

Basic Principles


    Our company treats its employees and customers in sincere, honest and ethical norms. Our commercial operations are truthful and reassuring to both our suppliers and our customers.

    Our company treats its employees and customers in sincere, honest and ethical norms. Our commercial operations are truthful and reassuring to both our suppliers and our customers.

    The good of something is a success, the excellence of it is greater success. Since our company aims to be successful not in the appearance but in practice, chooses its employees from the professionals who pride themselves in their jobs

    Our company plans its future to obtain permanent superiority in intellectual and industrial property areas, by managing the business well with its innovative and sustainable business plans.