Full Automatic Carbide Type High Speed Cutting Circular Saw

• 10 inch Easy operation touch screen control panel
• Electro-magnetic power brake
• Saw Disc circle speed control system
• PLC control unit
• Speed and feeding adjustment according to material
• Material diameter control system
• Auto length adjustment
• Hydraulic vice / hydraulic top clamp
• Hydraulic material feeding vise
• Hydraulic magazine Vise
• Hydraulic Material Transfer System
• Ball screw feeding system that powered by Servo Motor
• Ball Screw saw approaching system that powered by servo motor
• Automatic Hydro motorized chip brush
• Spray type sawing disc coolant system
• Spray type Slide lubrication system
• Chain type chip conveyor
• Automatic magazine Material feding table (parted/pieced)
• Circular saw selection warning system
• Pressure loss control system
• Slide Lubrication Oil level control system
• Coolant liquid level control system
• Hydraulic oil level control system
• Voltage rate control system
• Vise pressures adjustment
• Illuminated/Lighted warning system

Technical Information